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Different Variety of Wheelchair in India.

Learn about some of the best types of wheelchairs you can find in India. All of them are very much affordable and serves different purposes.

Finding a good quality affordable wheelchair in India can be really difficult to find. There are tons of options available and to choose the best and the lowest priced wheelchair can be a task at times. It's not easy to choose the best.

We have create a list of different types of wheelchairs you can find in India. All of these wheelchairs have different purposes. These wheelchairs serves different purposes and are designed according to the users of these wheelchairs.

Thing about the wheelchair is that one wheelchair can't be use fo everyone. They have different purposes and methods to use them. For example if you're planning to get a new wheelchair for some one old you have to make sure that it is very light weight and easy to use. You can't expert old person to use a wheelchair which is very complex to use.

At the same time if you're getting a wheelchair for differently abled person, you have to make sure that it is very easy to commute and can be fixed anywhere. Also frame of the wheelchair can be foldable, light weight, usability etc. Types of wheelchair.

Rigid Frame.

Rigid frames are very light weight and can be easy to use. Advantage of these types of wheelchair is that they have very less moving points hence they can be really strong. If you want to buy a wheelchair which is strong, you can go for this types of wheel chair. Another advantage is that they are really convenient to use.

Folding Frame

These types of wheelchairs are especially use for paralyzed person who can't walk properly and they need a wheelchair for continuous movement. These frames are made of titanium and aluminum and can be difficult to handle are really heavy at times.

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